About me

Welcome friend!

“Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been.” – Iain Thomas

Life throws a lot at us sometimes. And when we make that great leap from childhood to adulthood ourselves, it’s easy to think that we’ve got through the hardest change. And then parenthood hits you!

At least that’s how I felt. Becoming a parent can be the most challenging and rewarding thing ever. Leaving you vulnerable, tired, uncertain and completely, utterly, in love.

And once you find your feet, and get though the first few years of babyhood, a whole other challenge emerges.

And that’s where I’m at. I’m a mother of two beautiful school-age kids, juggling part-time office work and part-time blogging, with running a household with my hubby and raising my “babies” – that are not so baby anymore!

While I blog over at A Different Everyday Life on personal growth, inspiration and bringing daydreams to life, Happy in the Hood is my ode to the magic of motherhood and childhood. I want to share with you easy, practical ideas to entertain, teach and raise your own beautiful school-age kids. Sometimes this is activities that bring the family together, and sometimes this is just leading by example, taking care of ourselves.

So please take a moment to browse around Happy in the Hood, find an activity or recipe that you can add to your own stash, or just some tips and tricks for a healthier, stress-free home.